Pensioner in a wheelchair ‘has £20 stolen’ at cash point by heartless thug


A pensioner in a wheelchair appeared to be targeted by a heartless crook as she got money out of a cashpoint.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the woman, believed to be in her 90s, sat beside an ATM while a second woman – who appears to be her carer – withdraws money for them.

A stocky man with short hair, wearing a black jacket and blue Adidas tracksuit bottoms, then approaches and stands next to the ladies, eyeing them up suspiciously.

The man, wearing a facemask, then leans in and allegedly forces the woman to give him the £20 she’s just withdrawn from the cashpoint.

The woman in the wheelchair looks on in the cold as the thug allegedly takes the money and scarpers.

Madelaine Lazaga posted the shocking clip online which has now gone viral.

She claimed a man had targeted her dad, 71, at an ATM on the same road about 30 minutes earlier, swiping his card and later withdrawing £250.

Madelaine said: “When you see someone taking advantage of the elderly, especially when it’s this time of year, it really hits home.

“My dad is an old man, he’d just retired two weeks before, it’s shocking how someone could do this.”

Madelaine, who runs a bakery, met the terrified old women at the scene in Green Lanes, north London, after she was called to help her shell shocked dad.

On the elderly woman, Madelaine added: “She was so scared and she said: ‘He took 20’, it’s so sad.

“The woman in her wheelchair looked like she was in her 80s or 90s, and both looked quite old. It looked like her daughter.

“In the video the man pushed her and got her card and cash, being aggressive.

“It’s the elderly and the vulnerable they attack so I won’t now go to the cash machine.”

Madelain’s dad – who asked not to be named – is now recovering from his ordeal, and he has been refunded by his bank.

The Met Police has been approached for comment.